Osc4py3 documentation

Osc4py3 is an implementation of Open Sound Control (OSC) message transport protocol within a Python3 package.

It manages different sides of OSC in possibly different contexts:

  • encoding/decoding of OSC message packets (including bundles)
  • routing of incoming messages based on selector regexps or globbing
  • timed messages with possible delay period
  • named client/server for sending/subscribing (light coupling)
  • different scheduling models (single process, totally multithread, only multithread for communications)
  • extra processing of packets (hack points to encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify…)

Note: routing, timed messages, named client/server, scheduling models make a complex system (see the “big picture” in doc). The oscbuildparse module of osc4py3 package can be used as is and provides nice OSC packets encoding/decoding functions usable in your own message transmission scheme.

The documentation is splitted in two main parts, a user guide for simple package use, and a developer guide explaining how things are organized and work together.